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Title: Enforcement Rules of the University Act Ch
Date: 2014.03.17
Legislative: 5.Amended on August 16,2006
6.Amended on January 24,2013
7.Amended on March 17,2014
Article 1  These Enforcement Rules are in accordance to the 
        stipulations in Article 41 of the UNIVERSITY ACT 
             (hereinafter referred to as the Act) Article 31.
Article 2  Universities referred to in Article 2 of the Act 
        shall include independent colleges, which may set 
             up departments or independent graduate schools. 
             Independent colleges complying with the 
             stipulations in related educational laws and 
             regulations may apply to rename the universities 
             in accordance with the stipulations in Paragraph 
             2 of Article 4 of the Act. 
Article 3    Interuniversity research centers referred to in 
             Article 6 of the Act shall mean research 
             organizations established by more than 2 
             universities jointly in order to develop key 
             research fields and to centralize human resources 
             and equipment. 
Article 4    After merger of universities, the newly established 
             university or the survived university after the 
             merger shall take over the rights and obligations 
             of the original universities. 
             After merger of a university and a academic 
             institution with prevocational classes for 
             prevocational education, to maintain the features 
             and functions of the original prevocational 
             classes, departments may be established upon 
             approval of the Ministry of Education if necessary. 
             For newly established universities after merger, 
             in case of public universities, the Ministry of 
             Education, shall appoint acting presidents, for 
             universities of municipalities, counties (cities), 
             the governments of municipalities, counties (cities) 
             shall appoint acting presidents, in case of private 
             universities, the boards of directors shall appoint 
             the acting presidents in accordance with Article 10 
             of the Act till the universities appoint their 
Article 5    Universities shall appoint personnel out of their 
             universities as Deputy Presidents referred to in 
             Paragraph 1, Article 8 of the Act. 
Article 6    (Deleted) 
Article 7    Independent graduate schools established by a 
             university in accordance with Paragraph 1, Article 
             11 of the Act shall not be similar to colleges or 
             departments of the university. 
             Departments established by a university in 
             accordance with Paragraph 1,Article 11 of the Act 
             shall include master’s and doctorate classes the 
             same or similar to those departments in nature. 
             Graduate schools established by a university in 
             accordance with Paragraph 1,Article 11 of the Act 
             shall not be the same or similar to departments of 
             the college in nature. 
Article 8    Credit courses referred to in Paragraph 2, Article 
             11 of the Act shall mean the design and combination 
             of interdepartmental, inter-institute or 
             inter-college courses in special fields; degree 
             courses referred to of the Act shall mean design 
             and combination of interdepartmental, inter-institute 
             or inter-college courses in special fields that award 
             To offer credit courses or degree courses, universities 
             shall be equipped with related departments, graduate 
             schools or colleges as basis and shall have recourses 
             like teachers, teaching space and equipment provided 
             by the departments, graduate schools or colleges.
             Educational courses shall be transacted in accordance 
             with the Teacher Education Act and related laws and 
Article 9    To offer credit courses in accordance with Paragraph 2, 
             Article 11 of the Act, universities shall hold meetings 
             on academic affairs at university-level for approval; 
             Establishment of credit courses of special fields 
             involving the control mechanism for training of human 
             resources stipulated by related agencies of the 
             government, universities shall be reported to the 
             Ministry of Education for future reference. 
             Credits to complete for credit courses shall be defined 
             by universities with regard to the integrity of the 
             design of the curriculum. 
Article 10   Methods for universities to offer degree courses in 
             accordance with Paragraph 2, Article 11 of the Act, 
             universities are as follows:
             1. Degree courses of recruitment outwards directly or 
                by universities or colleges shall be brought into 
                the quota plan of added and adjusted colleges, 
                departments, graduate schools as well as the 
                planning of courses and quota of student recruitment
                , which shall be reported to the Ministry of 
                Education for approval before implementation. 
             2. Degree courses providing transfer of students during 
                the term of study or double degrees shall be 
                implemented upon the approval of the academic 
                affairs meetings and be reported to the Ministry 
                of Education for future reference. However, degree 
                courses of special fields concerning the control 
                mechanism for training of human resources stipulated 
                by related agencies of the government shall 
                be reported to the Ministry of Education for 
                approval before implemented. Credits required 
                for graduation of degree courses as well as other 
                proceedings to follow shall comply with stipulations 
                for different levels of degrees. 
              Universities shall publish names of degree courses or 
              names of the departments, schools and colleges that 
              have been crossed on diplomas of degree courses. 
Article 11    To add or adjust colleges, departments, graduate 
              schools as well as degree courses and quota of student 
              recruitment outward in accordance with Article 12 of 
              the Act, universities shall report to the Ministry of 
              Education approval; the planning and results of 
              implementation shall be tracked and assessed by the 
              Ministry of Education as basis for the approval. 
Article 12    Defining standards for colleges, departments, 
              institutes and degree courses of a university reaching 
              a certain scale with heavy academic affairs referred 
              to in Paragraph 3, Article 13 of the Act shall be 
              stipulated in the organization regulations of the 
              Agencies reaching a certain scale with heavy academic 
              affairs referred to in Paragraph 3, Article 14 of the 
              Act shall mean first-level administrative units in 
              universities; the defining standards shall be 
              stipulated by the Ministry of Education. 
Article 13    Any universities equipped with a Military Education 
              Office according to the organization procedure shall 
              allocate a director and several military training 
              instructors and nursing teachers; the director shall 
              be selected by the president from personal with 
              sufficient qualifications or from 2 or 3 military 
              training instructors recommended by the Ministry of 
Article 14    Universities shall formulate the staff quota plan for 
              university teachers and staff, national or private 
              universities shall report to the Ministry of Education 
              for approval before implementation; that of 
              universities of municipalities, counties (cities), 
              the governments of municipalities and counties 
              (cities) shall be transacted in accordance with 
              stipulations of the municipalities and counties 
Article 15    (Deleted) 
Article 16    The academic affairs meetings referred to in Article 
              15 of the Act shall be held and presided by the 
              Other attendants or attendants as nonvoting delegates 
              referred to in Paragraph 1, Article 15 of the Act 
              shall include academic and executive representatives; 
              the defining methods and proportion of attendants or 
              attendants as nonvoting delegates of the meeting 
              shall be stipulated in the organization procedure of 
              the universities. 
Article 17    For the long-term engagement stipulated in Article 18 
              of the Act, the term of engagement shall be defined 
              by the universities, and stipulations for dismissal, 
              suspension and refusal of reengagement shall be 
              specified in accordance with the Teacher Act and 
              Article 21 of the Act on appraisal of teachers. 
Article 18    Basic teaching hours of full-time universities 
              teachers shall be stipulated by the universities. 
Article 19    Universities shall formulate stipulations of 
              recruitment in accordance with Paragraph 1, Article 
              24 of the Act, which shall be reported to the 
              Ministry of Education for approval before being 
              formulated into the Student Recruitment Regulations. 
              Stipulations of recruitment referred to in the 
              preceding paragraph and proceedings concerning the 
              interests of the examinees shall be specified in 
              the Student Recruitment Regulations. 
              To entrust academic organizations or corporate 
              bodies for carrying out related businesses of 
              examination in accordance with Paragraph 2, 
              Article 24 of the Act, recruitment committees or 
              joint boards of universities shall sign contracts 
              with the aforesaid academic organizations or 
              corporate bodies. 
Article 20    To recruit students who have already obtained the 
              bachelor’s degree or associate’s degree to study for 
              the bachelor’s degree, universities shall shorten 
              their term of study in accordance with Paragraph 2, 
              Article 26 of the Act.
              Students studying for the bachelor’s degree 
              completing the credits required for graduation with 
              excellent grades within the stipulated term of study 
              may be allowed by the universities for advanced 
              graduation in accordance with Paragraph 2, Article 
              26 of the Act.
Article 21    Term of study for each level of degree as well as the 
              requirements and application procedure for reduction 
              or extension of the term of study stipulated in 
              Paragraph 1 through 4, Article 26 of the Act shall be 
              listed in the academic rules. 
Article 22    Credits required for graduation of a bachelor’s 
              degree stipulated in Paragraph 5, Article 26 of the 
              Act shall not be less than 128 credits for a 4-year 
              term of study for a bachelor’s degree; for term of 
              study other than 4 years, the credits required shall 
              be extended or reduced according to the term. 
              To carry out educational experiments, universities 
              shall report the programs to the Ministry of 
              Education to approve the reduction of credits 
              stipulated in the preceding paragraph. 
              Credits required for graduation and conditions for 
              graduation shall be listed in academic rules of 
Article 23    The calculation of credits for universities referred 
              to in Paragraph 5, Article 26 of the Act shall follow 
              the principle that 18 teaching hours shall be equal 
              to 1 credit.
              Calculation of practical credits shall be stipulated 
              by the universities.
Article 24    Universities shall plan the curriculum according to 
              their features of development, which shall be 
              approved by related university-level meetings before 
              implementation and shall be reviewed or amended 
              When universities hold meetings on planning the 
              curriculum, student representatives shall participate 
              in the discussion on related resolutions; in case the 
              amendment for the discussed curriculum influences the 
              credits required for graduation and the calculation 
              of credits stipulated in Paragraph 5, Article 26 of 
              the Act, it must be published to the students.
Article 25    University students’minor study in other 
              universities, study of double degrees, courses, 
              and interuniversity optional courses shall be approved 
              by the students’university or other universities they 
              study.Universities shall define the charging standard 
              for students’minor study, study of double degrees, 
              courses, and interuniversity optional courses 
Article 26    The membership fee charged by the Student Union in 
              accordance with Paragraph 3, Article 33 of the Act 
              shall be limited to that related to the handling of 
              the study, life of students and proceedings directly 
              related to their interests.
              The membership fee charged by the Student Union or 
              by students in the name of the Student Union shall not 
              be prerequisite for the completion of enrollment.
Article 27    In order to actively make university affairs 
              information publicly available, in accordance with the 
              stipulations of Article 39 of the Act, universities 
              shall specify which information can be made public, 
              in what manner and form, and the application procedure 
              for accessing such information, and each university 
              shall establish a dedicated public information area on 
              the university’s website and shall designate a 
              university office or staff member to regularly update 
              and manage it.
              The university affairs information referred to in the 
              preceding paragraph includes basic statistics and 
              trends; information about a university’s governance, 
              structure and programs, and its long-term development 
              vision; its performance, and the results of 
              assessments and reviews; where graduates subsequently 
              go, and achievements of alumni; financial information, 
              tuition and other fees; and details of financial 
              support available.
Article 28    These Enforcement Rules shall be effective as of the 
              date of promulgation.