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Title: Ministry of Education’s Regulations Governing the Establishment of the National Professorship Ch
Date: 2017.03.23
Legislative: 4.Amended on March 15, 2004
5.Amended on October 03, 2006
6.Amendment to all Article promulgated on January 8,2008.
7.Amended on 2013.03.18
8.Amendment to all Article promulgated on March 23,2017.
Content: Article 1   In order to provide incentives for academic development,
            enhance teaching and research standards, and encourage 
            universities to develop their own individual strengths,
            the Ministry of Education (hereunder “the Ministry”) 
            establishes National Chair Professorships, in accordance 
            with the provisions of Paragraph 2 of Article 17 of the 
            University Act, and has formulated these Regulations.
Article 2   Each National Chair Professorship shall be awarded to 
            a full-time university professor who when recommended 
            or selected is still actively engaged in ongoing academic 
            research and teaching; held in high esteem; playing a
            leading role in shaping the direction of academic thought;
            and an exemplary role model in the academic community. 
            In addition, the person shall satisfy one of the following
            1. Be an academician of Academia Sinica;
            2. Have received a Ministry of Education Academic Award; or
            3. Have some outstanding achievement equivalent to being 
               an Academia Sinica academician or to receiving an 
               Ministry of Education Academic Award, in an academic 
               or professional field in Taiwan or in another country.
Article 3   Candidates who meet the eligibility requirements for a 
            National Chair Professorship set out in the preceding 
            article shall be recommended to the Ministry by universities 
            after each candidate’s eligibility has first been officially
            reviewed by their university and approved by the Teacher 
            Evaluation Committee. Each university may recommend up to 
            three candidates in each field and the selection shall be 
            made by the Ministry.
            The Ministry’s procedures to select National Chair Professors
            are as follows:
            1.A separate Review Board will be set up for each of five 
              categories, based on different academic fields: the 
              Humanities and Arts; Social Science; Mathematics and Natural 
              Science; Biology and Medical and Agricultural Science; and
              Engineering and Applied Science. From nine to eleven 
              prestigious scholars and experts shall be appointed to be 
              members of each Review Board. The Standing Committee of the 
              Ministry of Education Academic Review Committee (hereunder 
              abbreviated to “the Academic Review Committee”) shall 
              designate the convener of each Review Board.
            2.The Review Boards shall conduct the first review, after 
              undertaking a detailed evaluation of the academic research
              and teaching performance of each of the candidates and fully
              discussing and analyzing each.
            3.Each Review Board shall forward all the material pertaining
              to each candidate who has passed the first review to three 
              or four scholars or experts for further evaluation, after 
              which it will conduct its second review. Each Review Board
              will then give their recommendations of candidates for a 
              National Chair Professorship to the Standing Committee. 
            4.The Standing Committee shall review and discuss the results 
              of each evaluation of each of the recommended candidates 
              referred to in the preceding subparagraph, and then draw 
              up and submit a list of candidates for a National Chair
              Professorship to a meeting of the Academic Review Committee 
              to discuss and deliberate over.
            5.The decisions shall be made with the agreement of two thirds 
              of the members present, after discussion and deliberation at
              a meeting of the Academic Review Committee attended by at 
              least half of its members. The National Chair Professors are 
              selected based on the number of votes received by each of 
              the candidates.
            6.If any National Chair Professorship remains vacant after the
              selection procedure, a further ballot may be cast if a 
              majority of the members present at the meeting of the Academic
              Review Committee members attended by at least half of its
              members agree. If a second ballot still fails to result in 
              anyone receiving the number of votes stipulated in the
              preceding subparagraph, that National Chair Professorship
              shall remain vacant.
            If a member of the Academic Review Committee is one of the 
            current recommended candidates for a National Chair Professorship
            , that person shall withdraw from participating in all associated
            review and ballot-casting procedures. 
Article 4   A maximum of thirteen National Chair Professorships shall be 
            approved and awarded each year. The number available in each 
            different disciplinary category is stipulated in Subparagraph 
            1 of Paragraph 2 of the preceding article. There is an annual
            quota of two such professorships in the Humanities and Arts 
            category, two such professorships in the Social Sciences category
            , and three such professorships in each of the other disciplinary
Article 5   The term of each National Chair Professorship is three years. If
            it is necessary for a National Chair Professorship to be extended
            beyond the end of this term, the procedures set out in the 
            provisions of Article 3 shall be conducted before the term ends.
            Any person who has served two terms as a National Chair Professor
            shall become an honorary life-time National Chair Professor, 
            without participating in any further recommendation or selection
Article 6   During the period when they are receiving the associated grant,
            National Chair Professors shall set up elective courses that 
            students from other universities may enroll in, deliver lectures 
            around the country, and publicize research and teaching 
            achievements, in order to enhance the quality and general climate
            of academic research and teaching in Taiwan.
Article 7  In addition to the necessary resources provided by each university
           that recommended a particular National Chair Professorship, the 
           Ministry shall provide NTD one million annually, which shall be 
           allocated each year as follows:
           1. A personal grant for each National Chair Professor: a maximum 
              of NTD 500,000.
           2. Teaching and research funds: for employing assistants, operating
              costs, transportation, and equipment.
           Any person selected to be a National Chair Professor is not 
           permitted to concurrently receive any other grant from the public
           affairs budget of any other government agency (organization).
Article 8  If any of the following circumstances occur, a National Chair 
           Professor’s personal grant shall be handled in accordance with 
           the following provisions:
           1. If a National Chair Professor does not continue working in a 
              position as a full-time professor at their original university,
              their grant shall be terminated, beginning from the next semester.
              The university where the person is newly taking up an appointment
              may, however, continue providing similar administrative resources,
              and a similar research environment, and offer National Chair 
              Professorship related courses, and if so, the person may continue
              to receive the grant. 
           2. If a National Chair Professor takes research leave, they shall 
              report this to the Ministry which shall suspend their grant 
              starting from the month immediately after the period of leave 
              begins. Grant payments will resume when the period of research
              leave ends and will continue until the expiration of the term of
              the National Chair Professorship.
           3. If a National Chair Professor is temporarily transferred in 
              accordance with relevant regulations, for a period of less than
              two years, their grant shall be suspended starting from the month
              immediately following the temporary transfer. The grant payments 
              will resume when the temporary transfer ends and will continue 
              until the expiration of the term of the National Chair Professorship.
Article 8-1 If a National Chair Professor was involved in a case of violation 
            ofacademic ethics before their selection that would have adversely 
            affected the decision to select them, or if any material presented
            during their selection procedure contained false or incorrect 
            details, the Ministry shall revoke their eligibility to be a 
            National Chair Professor and require the personal grant money 
            referred to in Article 7, Paragraph 1, Subparagraph 1 to be repaid.
            If a National Chair Professor becomes involved in a case of
            violation of academic ethics after being appointed as a National 
            Chair Professorship and the circumstances are serious, the Ministry
            shall deem that person ineligible to have been awarded a National
            C hair Professorship and shall cease paying the personal grant money 
            that was paid in accordance with the provisions of Article 7,
            Paragraph 1, Subparagraph 1.
            If the Ministry deems a person ineligible to hold a National Chair
            Professorship and revokes their eligibility during the period in
            which the associated grant is being paid, the Ministry shall cease
            its all ocation of the teaching and research funds referred in to
            Article 7, Paragraph 1, Subparagraph 2. If any such funds have been 
            released for a particular use but have not yet been spent, the 
            operations for which the funds were to be spent use shall be 
            discontinued and the unspent funds must be returned.
            The procedures for the deeming a person ineligible to be a National 
            Chair Professor and for revocation of such eligibility referred to 
            in Paragraph 1 and Paragraph 2 are as follows:
            1. The Ministry shall organize an investigation team if a candidate
               is reported or found to be or have been involved in a case of the
               kind referred to in Paragraph 1 or Paragraph 2.
            2. After the investigation team makes a professional judgement, it
               shall draw up and submit a written report of its investigation
               to a meeting of the Academic Review Committee for discussion and
            3. The meeting of the Academic Review Committee that discusses and
               considers the findings shall be attended by at least half of its
               members and a decision motion will be passed if two thirds of the
               members present agree
Article 9   These Regulations shall take effect on the date of promulgation.