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Title: National Central Library Reader Service Directions Ch
Date: 2011.08.31
Legislative: 1.March 21, 1983 : The NCL 10th General Affairs Meeting passed the “NCL Borrowing & Reading procedures”
2.July 11, 1983 : The NCL 24th General Affairs Meting passed the “NCL Readers’ Application for photocopies of materials procedures”
3.September 15, 1986 : The NCL 24th General Affairs Meeting passed the “NCL Library Card application procedures” ; the “NCL Reading Rooms procedures ” ; the “NCL borrowing and reading of books and materials procedures”
4.September 24, 1986 : The NCL 25th General Affairs Meeting passed the “NCL photocopying of library materials interim procedures”
5.November 2, 1988 : The NCL 21st General Affairs Meeting revised and passed the “NCL Library Card application procedures”
6.April 19, 1999 : the NCL 5th General Affairs Meeting passed the merging of the 1st to 6th procedures
7.May 17, 1999 : The NCL 7th General Affairs Meeting revised and approved
8.November 20, 2000 : The NCL 19th General Affairs Meeting revised and approved
9.April 9, 2001: The NCL 6th General Affairs Meeting revised and approved
10.November 19, 2001 : The NCL 18th General Affairs Meeting revised and passed
11.Revised pursuant to Official Correspondence Tai-Tu-Yue-Tzu No.0960001403C dated May 10, 2007 promulgated the name and the whole text containing 33 items: effective today
12.Revised pursuant to Official Correspondence Tai -Tu-Yue-Tzu No. 1000002898B dated August 31, 2011 promulgated the partial clause which takes effect from the July 1, 2011.

Chapter 1    General Principles

1. The National Central Library (hereinafter referred to as the Library) in accordance with Article 8 of the Library Law formulates the Directions.

2. The primary mission of the Library is to archive national publications and preserve cultural assets. Its paper-based collections may only be read within the library facility and may not be taken out of its premises.

3. Except otherwise provided, all readers shall have equal, free-of-charge access to the Library’s reader service equipment, facility and library collections.

To protect the rights and benefits of physically/mentally impaired people, reserved parking spaces, computer access seats and reading seats shall be designated.


Chapter 2    Library Card Application

4. Readers shall present library cards of the Library for entry to the reading area and for access to the library collections.

5. Those who meet any of the following requirements may apply for a library card:

(1) Republic of China (ROC) citizens aged 16 and up.

(2) High school or vocation school students under 16, or students under 16 of equivalent academic standing.

(3) Foreign nationals aged 16 and up with legally-issued passports, ROC issued identification, or identification provided by the person’s consulate.

6. Library card applications are accepted from 9:00AM until 30 minutes before the Library is closed during scheduled working days. No library card applications will be accepted during national holidays or scheduled day-offs.

7. Applicants applying for a library card shall submit one one-inch photo showing an uncovered head taken within the last year, fill out the application form, and in accordance with Clause 1 thru 3 of Article 5 of the Directions submit them with the following documents in person:

(1) National ID card.

(2) In addition to student’s ID card, ROC students are required to present their national ID card; foreign students are required to present their passports.

(3) Passports, identification issued by the ROC government, or identification from an embassies/consulates.

The aforementioned application form shall be filed in the computer of the Library for reference and shall be deleted after one year.

8. To facilitate readers’ access to the library collections, the Library may in addition to the provisions set forth in Articles 5 and 7 of the Directions accept application for temporary card without submission of the photo.

The aforementioned temporary card shall be valid only on the day it is issued. The reader shall return the temporary card upon leaving the Library.

9. In the event the library card is damaged or lost, the reader shall file an application for replacement and pay the processing fee in accordance with the provisions set forth in Articles 7 and 8 of the Directions.


Chapter 3    Reader’s Access to Library Books/Information

10. To facilitate readers’ access to the library collections, the Library may establish various reading areas, of which the opening hours and library collections access time shall be announced separately.

11. The Library establishes carrels for readers to access library collections and conduct academic studies. Regulations of the carrels shall be formulated separately.

The reader shall present the library card, fill out the application form and submit the abstract of the research proposal. After the application is approved, the reader may use the carrel. Each carrel may be used for up to two months. Afterwards, an extension of no more than two months may be granted.

12. Readers may retrieve any of the library collections from the shelves of each reading room for reading. Readers desiring to carry the material out of the reading room need to follow the registration procedures.

13. The reading room of the Library may be closed temporarily for inventory, cleaning or other reasons deemed necessary.

14. Readers may not carry their knapsacks, handbags, food or drinks into the Library. However, knapsacks and handbags that meet the following requirements may be carried into the Library pursuant to the approval of the Library:

(1) Computer handbag (with the computer inside): No greater than 42cm x 32cm x 10cm in size.

(2) Other knapsacks and handbags: No greater than 30cm x 21cm x 10cm in size.

Readers entering the Library shall voluntarily show the objects they are carrying for inspection.

The Library has lockers available for readers to store personal properties temporarily. Regulations on use of the locker shall be formulated separately.

Readers are responsible for safekeeping of their cash and valuables. The Library will not be responsible for any lost cash or valuables.

15. Readers may carry personal books into the personal study room, but may not carry them into other reading rooms.

16. Readers must be quiet in the Library. Smoking, eating, loud noises, uproars, loud talking/laughing and other unbecoming behaviors are not allowed in the Library.

In order to maintain a quiet atmosphere in the Library, readers are required to turn off (or vibrate) mobile phones, pagers, and computers upon entering the Library.


Chapter 4    Reference Service

17. To help readers locate library collections and access library resources, each reading room in the Library provides reference services through various mediums, including oral, written, phone, email, and the internet.

18. Through the internet, the Library offers online catalog searches and document delivery services.

19. The Library offers guided tour services, library collection access guidance and visitor’s touring services.

20. In conjunction with provisions pertinent to interlibrary cooperation in loaning and duplication of library books, the Library provides relevant services.


Chapter 5    Request of Library Books/Information

21. Readers may use online public access catalogue in the Library to find books. Then, they may request items by filling out a request slip online or manually and a showing a library card. Readers may also reserve items online and pick them up within the designated timeframe.

Those under 18 years of age are not allowed to access R-rated material. Also, they must have an accompanying parent, legal guardian, or older classman to access material designated as PG (parental guidance).

22. Regulations on request of library material:

(1) Books and attachments: Each person is limited to three volumespieces at a time.

(2) Periodicals: Each person is limited to three kinds (up to five volumes each) at a time.

(3) Audio/video materials and disks: Each person is limited to two items at a time.

(4) Microform materials: Each person is limited to five microfilms or twenty microfiches at a time.

(5) E-readers and devices: Each person is limited to one device at a time.

23. Library collections must be read in the same reading area from which they are requested. After reading, the requested library collections must be returned to the librarians.

24. Readers for the purpose of personal studies may in accordance with the Copyright Act copy Library material. The cost of photocopies shall be paid by the reader.

The previous provision does not apply to the following materials:

(1) Rare books and documents.

(2) Limited Access collections.

(3) Unpublished manuscripts.

(4) Library material where the paper or binding is fragile or obviously damaged.

(5) Audio-video materials.

(6) Digital material that does not permit copying.

In the event there are additional provisions, the additional provisions shall also be complied with.

25. Regulations concerning the rare book room shall be formulated separately.


Chapter 6    Violations

26. In the event a reader violates the Directions and refuses to comply with the admonitions from Library staff, the Library may in accordance with the severity of the violation ask the reader to leave the premises and suspend his/her library privileges.

If it interferes with the quiet, congenial atmosphere of the Library, its duties, or the wellbeing or property of another, or similar major infraction, local police authorities will be involved , according to the Social Order Maintenance Act.

27. In accordance with requirements of the Law on the Communicable Disease Control Act, readers who have a legally-defined epidemic disease may not enter the Library.

28. Readers may not apply for a second library card or allow others to use their library cards. The privileges of readers found to have applied for a second library card, or allowed others to use their library cards, or claimed/used other’s library card may be suspended.

29. Readers are expected to take good care of Library collections. In the event theft, damage, loss, vandalizing, or contamination, library privileges will be suspended and one of the following actions taken, depending on the nature of the violation:

(1) The Library contacts local police authorities.

(2) The reader compensates the Library with a copy of the exact version of the material. If it cannot be replace, a fine with be imposed based on the following criteria:

a.       For items with a demarcated “sale price,” the fine shall be twice that amount.

b.    For items with a demarcated “basic sale price,” the fine shall be 50 times that amount.

c.       For items with no price shown, the following rules will be consulted:

Chinese books under 100 pages will be compensated at a price of NT$500. For books over 100 pages, the rate will be NT$5 per page.

Foreign-language books under 100 pages will be compensated at a price of NT$1000. For books over 100 pages, the rate will be NT$10 per page.

Audio material published in Taiwan will be compensated at a price of NT$1000, visual material at a price of NT$3500.

Audio material published outside of Taiwan will be compensated at a price of NT$5000.

For lost supplementary material, the price will be double the cost of replacement.

Parents or legal guardians will be notified if the reader is under the age of 18.

30. (delete)


Chapter 7    Supplementary Provisions

31. Readers who require the assistance of others for normal daily activities must be accompanied and attended to when visiting the Library. Those accompanying such persons must meet the entrance requirements for the Library.

32. Readers may not move the warning sign of the Library or enter the warning zone (cleaning or construction area) without authorization. Readers who slip or fall because of failure to comply with this requirement shall be responsible for the consequence and may not demand damages from the Library or the vendor.

33. Any formulation, revision, or deletion of the Directions must be approved by the administrative meeting of the Library.