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Title: The Management Guidelines for Use of Nanhai Theater at the National Taiwan Arts Education Center Ch
Date: 2020.12.16
Legislative: Approved by the Ministry of Education (Tai) 75 She-Zhi Di No. 51594 on November, 13th, 1986 Revised by Order Yi-Zhan-Zi (91) No.91002769 on Sept. 3, 2002
Revised by Order Yi-Zhan-Zi No.0940000190 on Jan 17, 2005
Revised by Order Yi-Zhan-Zi No.0960001698 on June 23, 2007
Revised by Order Yi-Zhan-Zi No.0990000325 on Jan. 27, 2010
Revised by Order Yi-Yan-Zi No.1070000529 on Feb. 7, 2018
Revised by Order Yi-Yan-Zi No.1090000578 on Feb. 26, 2020
Revised by Order Yi-Yan-Zi No.1090003884 on Dec. 16, 2020
Content: The Management Guidelines for Use of
Nanhai Theater at the National Taiwan Arts Education Center

1. The National Taiwan Arts Education Center (now called our Center) specially formulated these main points to strengthen the use efficiency of the Nan Hai Theater, maintain the building equipment, promote arts education, and upgrade the performance level.
2. Use Scope and Qualifications
(1) The Nan Hai Theater mentioned by these main points refers to the indoor venues, which our Center provides for performing arts activities. These building facilities provided for performances and the audience's moving sphere include the stage, the backstage, the controlling room, the front hall, the audience seats, and the toilets.
(2) Our Center's Nan Hai Theater provides our Center for organizing various kinds of arts education activities; in addition, it provides venues exclusively for government organizations, public schools, legally registered private schools, and private groups, or adult nationals of the Republic of China to organize music/dance/ theater/ drama and folklore arts events, movies, and entertainment performances, or related arts education activities.
3. Time Periods and Expenses of Use
(1) Periods to Use the Venue: Periods available for use in the daily area are divided into 3 sections and each last for 3 hours and thirty minutes. These sections are respectively 8:30 -12:00 a.m.; 1:30 - 5:00 p.m., and 6:30 - 10:00 p.m. for stage set-up, rehearsal, performance, load-out, audience entering and exiting the venue.
(2) Exceeding sections are only allowed for setup, rehearsal, and load-out.
(3) All fees for using the venue and facilities in our Center will be charged in compliance with the regulations of the Venue and Facility Maintenance Fee Standards for National Taiwan Arts Education Center.
(4) During the period of venue use (excluding the days off), if relevant equipment, scenery, props, or musical instruments are still on the stage area while no preparation or performance work is undergoing, the fees will be charged as the stage setup/ rehearsal in the morning section.
4. Application and Use Procedure
(1) Application Period and Necessary Documents:
A. Applications for events held in January to June next year are open every March; applications for events to be held in July to December next year are open every September. The application submission period is 1 month. For the exact period, please refer to the public announcement issued by our Center.
B. For applications submitted after the deadline specified in the previous paragraph, if
there are still a few slots available, last-minute applications shall be submitted at least 45 days before the first use of the venue.
C. When applying, application units (applicants) should submit a program application (see attachment), proposal, proof of qualifications, and other relevant documents.
(2) Examining
A. Our Center holds a review committee meeting to review all applications in every April and October.
B. Last-minute applications submitted after the regular review meeting, based on the time slots applied and the nature of the events, a last-minute review committee meeting or a written application review will be held.
(3) Notification and sign of a contract:
A. Our Center will send off the notification within 10 days after examining.
B. For applications approved by the review committee, the application units (applicants) need to sign a contract with our Center and pay for the deposit within 1 month upon receiving the notification from our Center. Those who fail to do so will have the right to use the venue revoked. The opening slots will either be taken by another application unit (applicant) on the waiting list or be open for applications again.
(4) Payment:
A. After the fee is determined, the application unit (applicant) should pay 1/5 of the total fees within a specific period. The application unit (applicant) should pay the remaining fees 1 week before the first use of the venue.
B. If an application unit (applicant) fails to pay the fees according to the regulations, our Center may cancel their /his/her right to use the venue.
(5) Technical coordination:
Application units (applicants) should come to our Center at least two weeks before using the venue to coordinate relevant technical support and front stage services with the technical staff and the persons in charge.Should something disobey orders and cause delay, so that the activity couldn’t proceed well, the application units (applicants) are to take the responsibility alone.
5. Preferential Terms for Venues Use
(1) Participant organizations of activities which are handed over by Ministry of Education, and organized, undertaken, or co-organized by our Center, venue rental fees may be exempted.
(2) Governmental organizations, schools, and non-commercial educational & cultural institutes or public wealth groups are given special discount of 20 % to their venue’s expenses.
6. Change and cancel of Activity Content
(1) Change:
A. If an application unit (applicant) requests to make changes to the event (key
performers, form or contents of the event) due to special reasons, such a request should be submitted in writing 2 months before the event. The application unit (applicant) can only proceed with it after obtaining the approval from our Center.
B. For a change of performance numbers or equipment used, the application unit
(applicant) needs to submit the application and pay for any additional fees 7 days before the use.
C. If an application unit (applicant) fails to apply within a specific period, our Center
may reject such an application. The application unit (applicant) should proceed with the event with the contents previously approved by our Center.
(2) Cancel:
A. After the contract has been signed, the activity cannot be canceled arbitrarily. However, if an activity cannot be held as planned due to an air raid, a natural catastrophe, and an irresistible reason, the application unit (applicant) should describe the reasons clearly in written form and propose an application to our Center. The expense will be returned after the application is examined and confirmed. Our Center is generally not responsible for compensating the application unit’s (applicant’s) damage.
B. In addition to the reasons specified in the preceding paragraphs, if an application unit (applicant)would like to cancel the event after the contract is signed, such a request should be submitted in writing 3 months before the event.  Failing to do so, canceling or terminating the event without the prior permission from our Center, the deposit, and fees paid for using the venue by the application unit (applicant) will not be refunded but remitted to the national treasury. The right to use the venue is not transferable to another application unit (applicant).  Our center will take back the right to use the venue.
(3) Application units (applicants) are generally responsible for ticket affairs and other related matters to which the above-mentioned activity content change and cancel refer.
7. Retraction and Stop Use of the Venues
(1) Retraction of the venues: If our Center has to retract the venues of the Nan Hai Theater for use need, it must notify application units (applicants) to change the time. If it's impossible to change the time, our Center will return the paid expenses without interest. The former application unit (applicant) cannot have any objection; neither can he ask for any compensation.
(2) Stop use:
Our Center can stop use of the venues because of one of the following matters. The paid expenses will generally not be returned; neither can the application units (applicants) ask for any compensation:
A. The activity violates government's policy, laws, good and honest manners, and goes counter to social education.
B. The activity content doesn't conform to the originally registered one, or the venues are transferred to other people for use without our Center's permission.
C. Activities that are dangerous or may damage the venues by soiling our Center's venues, facilities and may disturb the on-the-spot orders.
D. Other activities that don't conform to our Center's purposes.
8. Equipment Use and Damage Compensation
(1) It should be processed according to the Facilities & Equipment Use Notes of the Nan Hai Theater of our Center to use the stage lighting, hi-fi equipment, stage facilities, electric power system, and other equipment. It's not allowed to start up or add equipment presumptuously without approval of the responsible staff.
(2) If application units (applicants) use the facilities and equipment of the Nan Hai Theater of our Center, it or he should maintain them with care. Should there be damage or shortage, the application unit (applicant) should be responsible for the compensation or restoration according to them.
9. Sound Recording, Video Recording, Photographing, Relaying, and Data Use
(1) Application units (applicants) should control matters concerning sound recording, video recording, photographing, or relaying by himself, and should not affect the quality of performance as well as viewing and enjoying. Should the actions of an application unit (applicant)- sound recording, video recording, photographing, or relaying - violate rights of others, it or he is to take the responsibility by himself.
(2) Our Center should be authorized to use gratuitously the related dynamical and static materials provided by the application unit (applicant) on application, when our Center needs the materials for advertising, edition and print, data index inquiry, research, or education promotion.
10. Ticketing
(1) Our Center is an art educational institution that exercises the rating system strictly.The
rating of performances should be indicated clearly on all promotional materials and the staff of our Center should be notified beforehand.
(2) Application units (applicants)should include the following notice on the tickets and request the audience to follow through:
A. 1 ticket per person; admission by ticket only. According to the ticket description, the audience will either sit in an assigned seat specified on their tickets or take any available seat.
B. Children under the age of 7 may not enter the hall except for child performances.
C. The audience may enter the performance hall 30 minutes before the performance starts. Late audience may watch the live feed in the waiting area. The staff will help them gain entry to the hall at appropriate times or during the break so that they don't disturb other audience already inside.
D. To avoid violating other people’s rights and intellectual property rights, audio/video recording and taking photos are not permitted. During the performance, please don't leave your seat unless you have to, make any noise, use a cellphone or other electronic device.
E. It's forbidden to dine, drink, chew betel nuts or chewing gum in the venues.
F. In order not to influence the others, late arrivals will be allowed only at intermission.
G. Audiences are not permitted onto the stage unless approved by our Center. Please give your gifts such as flower bouquet to the staff for giving them to the performers later.
(3)  Ticket collection, poster hanging, promotional material posts, and on-site sales in the surrounding areas of our Center are not permitted unless approved by our Center are not permitted without authorization.
(4)  For events offering free tickets, to be fair, please notify the staff of our Center beforehand and specify the locations, times, ways of ticket collection and relevant restrictions on the relevant website or promotional materials.
11. Notice for Venue Use
(1) To ensure public safety and the quality of venue use, application units (applicants) may not set up additional seats and occupy the passages. The number of people entering the performance hall may not exceed the total number of available seats. Not seats or work seats may be reserved without the prior permission from our Center.
(2) Smoking and dangerous items are prohibited in the building. Food, beverage, gums and betel nuts are not allowed in the audience area, stage and control rooms.
(3) Application units (applicants) are responsible for all the costumes, lighting equipment, and props in the hall.  Our center will not be held accountable for these items.
(4) Application units (applicants) should obtain the prior consent of our Center before installing/setting up the venue. Unless being approved by our Center, actions such as sticking objects, nailing, drilling, or painting in the hall, on the exterior walls, the floors and facilities are not permitted. Application units (applicants) will be held responsible for any damages resulted from any of these actions.
(5) Floral baskets and bouquets shall be received by people from the application units (applicants) and properly placed in areas excluding the stage and audience area; Flowers or gifts that may damage or stain the stage or audience seating are not permitted unless approved by our Center.
(6) Application units (applicants) should apply for the venue, facilities, and equipment in our Center beforehand. Please use them properly and with caution while keeping them clean.  Unless approved, application units (applicants) may not move the equipment somewhere else. At the end of the event, application units (applicants) should return all items to our Center in the same condition as they were received and a confirmation from our Center must be obtained. If there is any damage or malfunction, our Center has the right to hold the application unit (applicant) responsible.  All items left behind by an application unit (applicant) will be considered trash and our Center has the right to dispose of it. The application unit (applicant) may not object to such a decision and is responsible for any additional fees resulting from it.
(7) Making, painting, spraying, and decorating props/ scenery in our Center or its surrounding areas are prohibited.Application units (applicants) with special needs, such actions may be approved in the designated areas while additional protective measures should be taken after coordinating with our Center.
(8) No fires are allowed in all venues of our Center. All decorations and equipment must not block or get in the way of fire fighting or means of escape. Unless approved by our Center, relocation of equipment is not allowed.
12. Notice for Working in the Theatre
(1) Before working in the working areas such as the control rooms, and catwalk or operating, moving or altering the relevant equipment in the theatre such as suspension system and lift, application units (applicants) should obtain the permission from our Center and fill in the relevant documents beforehand.
(2) For application units (applicants) that request additional equipment, prior coordination with and confirmation from our Center should be obtained. Application units (applicants) should use only safety certified equipment and the placement of such equipment must comply with all fire safety, escaping regulations, and directions of our Center.
(3) External power should be handled by qualified electricians and prior permission from our Center should be obtained.
(4) For application units (applicants) who need to use smoke in performances, a confirmation from our Center should be obtained beforehand and smoke detection alarms should stay on throughout the performance. Our Center may revoke application units (applicants) the right to use the venue for violating the regulation.
(5) Weight limits for the suspension system and ways of operation should comply with the technical manual.  Overload is strictly prohibited.
Data Source: Laws and Regulations Retrieving System